Enchanted Castle

No mather what technique do I use to aquire and finalize the image, be it old school film photography or some complicated multi exposure digital sorcery, I consider a job done best only when the final result conveys the exact mood and feeling of the place at the time it was captured.

Bled castle and moon.

In this particular instance it was so and every time I take a look at the photo, memories of the place and time come alive. I remember a slightly uncomfortable position, when I was reaching low to my Olympus PEN camera, at the time placed down on the Bled castle parking lot, sitting on a tiny little tabletop tripod, equiped with a lightweight telephoto zoom.

The strange darkness was about right, the bright moon was not quite full, but it was placed where it worked best for my purpose. What I remember most, and it eventually “made” this image, were those unpleasantly cold and violent bursts of wind, that were pushing the dark moonlit clouds with incredible speed, right above the castle rooftops and while doing so, they were constantly alternating the visible denstity and appearance of the moon.

Since camera was placed on the floor, and I am not one of those enthusiastic guys and girls prepared to get themselves comfortable at lying down on a freezing asphalt, I was rather sort of crouching, with a thumb on a cable release, while observing the actual spectacle instead of peeking at the small non-tilting LCD screen. It was probably the latter, the act of watching with my bare eyes while the scene was unfolding, that made me more emotionally attached to the image itself.

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