Unlimited Gray Afternoon

I haven’t done this for years, to stroll around and take photos of random strangers on the streets; this time in our capital city of Ljubljana. One thing that struck me at first was the notion, that people seem to be less aware and didn’t bother to respond when being photographed. It would almost seem like the photography isn’t considered to be as important as it once was. With all these smart digital devices around, is no wonder that our art has diluted itself manifolds.

However, the street is just as enchanting place as it ever was. All these spontaneous moments filled with inner reflection. A taste of perpetual boredom. A brief bursts of uncalculated joy. Maybe sorrow, a touch of solitude, a sense of alienation … All the emotions seem to be present and they manage to fascinate me every time. Another brief moment passes and everyone is instantly changing their role. From hesitation to action, now walking then stopping, from silence to articulation … Endless are the possibilities as the afternoon progresses. I think of the line that Leonard Cohen once wrote. And how right he was. Unlimited gray afternoon indeed supports all its creatures evenly.

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