Wedding on Film

Ever since I have been recently struck with a burst of a new found love for film photography, it was only a matter of time when this new flame of mine will be tested on a real gig. Finally the day has arrived and I had carefully packed world’s most advanced analog camera, an EOS-1V, with the rest of Canon gear. While the majority of work was done on digital, now and then there were moments when I felt it had to be done on film.

During the wedding day of a stunningly beautiful Ekaterina and ever elegant Raphael, I have exposed no more than two rolls of film. Not even all of 72 frames were used, when light levels sank bellow un-pushed Kodak Tri-X abilities, yet almost every single frame was a keeper. The results were worth the effort, when a cinematic, French movie of the 60s like, story unfolded on the light table. Now, if only we Europeans would be blessed with an availability of a professional photo lab, like the LA’s Richard Photo Lab or Indie Film Lab, so that we could add some color to the film solution.

WeddingOnFilm-005WeddingOnFilm-004 (more…)