World Rowing on Tri-X

Another day of the World Rowing Championships at Bled. This time I have decided to go back to the basics. Forms of expression were by choice limited to the simpler photographic means. A film camera with 35mm and 50mm lenses loaded with a monochromatic emulsion was pretty much it. More intimate story is revealed and a humble reminder that the world of sports is not all about the triumph and the glory of the few chosen champions of the day.

Black and white photographs presented with a real image borders were probably the thing that got me hooked on photography in the first place. All those perfectly composed masterpieces of the likes of Cartier-Bresson, Koudelka and even some of our local reporters of the eighties era, such as Tone Stojko, have always left me breathless. The purest art form, when success and failure is decided at the very moment it clicks. As far as I am concerned, it is the essence of photography, and all its derivatives, while admirable undertakings, are merely genres. When I choose to go that way, cropping is not an option, even if it would improve on an occasional sloppy framing. I simply prefer to take it as a bittersweet lesson.

Bled_2011_Rowing_Film_-001 (more…)

World Rowing Bled 2011


It is the 4th time around for Slovenia’s prime destination of Bled to host a World rowing championship. With so many experts, dedicated to the rowing sport, available in the relatively small municipality of Bled, nothing, but a flawlessly organized event, was expected. And that is exactly what has happened during the last days of August and well into the first week of September 2011; a memorable celebration of sportsmanship, blessed with the idyllic alpine scenery. (more…)

Wedding Editorial on the Lake


Here I present you with a couple of snaps from a brief editorial type wedding themed photo shoot. Lovely young models Tina and Martin took the parts and enriched them with an admirable depth of character. The location was an ever breathtaking and inspiring Lake Bled in Slovenia. It all happened on the eve, just prior to the start, of the rowing world championships.

Wedding_Editorial-006 (more…)