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True Colors

Autumnal colors

It might be the same in our lives as it is in nature. When autumn arrives and everything blushes in the warmth of the spectrum, the fruits of our existence can no longer stay hidden. Long past is the naiveté and freshness of our early steps. Even days of pretending or blending-in won’t appeal to us anymore. Only true colors and they are revealed just before they fade away forever.

© 2014 The Unpublished Journal by Peter Mlekuž, All Rights Reserved

The White Tower

The Tower of London

Boat on a river Thames is passing the Tower of London, with the most recognizable view of the 11th century built White Tower, once a symbol of oppression. The Tower of London is now a protected World Heritage Site and also the home of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom.

© 2014 The Unpublished Journal by Peter Mlekuž, All Rights Reserved

Fireworks Live

Fireworks at Lake Bled Slovenia

The ancient Chinese invented this fascinating art of throwing fire at the sky, known as the fireworks. As a photographic subject it stands a bit on the “amateurish” side, whatever this is supposed to mean. In an essence this is a subject of pure enjoyment and amazement, but containing hardly any meaningful depth or message. It is an equivalent of your popular talent show instead of the sophistication and seriousness of National Ballet or Opera. It is no secret that the popular votes and “likes” will always go to the easy and the smart.

But on a technical side photographing fireworks is not an easy undertaking at all and requires quite a bit of “smart” and even some luck. Equipment such as a tripod and cable release is necessary, unless you are going for random unpredictable results. Choosing your location is of significant importance as well, if you would like to achieve complex landscape images instead of a simple one dimensional impression. And do I have to mention that you have to be completely ready and set before the display starts? Firework displays do not last. Try not to forget this fact and always keep in mind a quote from a 1986 classic movie Top Gun: “This thing will be over in two minutes! Get on it!”

 Fireworks at Lake Bled, Slovenia (more…)

Above The Clouds

Above The Clouds

It is hardly possible to imagine, while waking up to a cloudy grey morning, that clear blue sky with glaring sunlight awaits you merely a stone throw away. Dovška Baba (The Maiden of Dovje) is an 1891m high, easy to reach, peak in the Karavanke Mountain range, just above the place where I live, Mojstrana. An alpine dairy stays mostly abandoned during the winter months, while in the season it is full of grazing cattle. (more…)

Blue Efficiency


We are fortunate to be living in the most amazing place in our known universe, a blue planet called Earth. But this home of ours is being threatened and the most serious threat comes from none other than ourselves. Forget alien invasions, Cylons, Klingons, Kardashians and other outer space creatures. In reality we alone are the most likely makers of our doom. Once there were only a selected few that went globetrotting. The likes of Magellan, Shackelton and Captain Cook did it for us, but now individual experience seems to be everything. In our quest for the next greatest social network profile picture, we are willing to go to quite some lengths. We all have seen it. Our great virtual friends, they seem to be at all of the right places. Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids, Great Wall of China, Ipanema beach; just to name a few. But our mobile lifestyle does have its consequences. Even the tiniest of girlies, when traveling halfway around the globe, leaves behind an elephant sized trail of footprints. It’s the carbon footprints that I am talking about.

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