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WPPI 2012

While WPPI 2013 convention is almost ready to begin in the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, I thought that it is about time for me to write a short report on the 2012 show, before I discard my notes.

For those of you, who are not involved in the business of portraiture and event photography, a little additional info. WPPI stands for Wedding and Portrait Photographers International and as such it is a professional organization that serves the educational and business needs of the mentioned groups of photographers. I’m glad that I have remembered this definition so well, because it was accidentally the first thing that I had to explain to Immigration officer at the McCarran International.

WPPI 2012WPPI 2012

The highlight of WPPI is its annual Convention and Trade show that in 2012 attracted nearly 15k registered attendees, over 180 speakers and 320 exhibitors from almost 50 countries worldwide. All in all, if you are or you are considering being somebody someday in this business, you should find yourself there on the floor at the MGM Grand Hotel Convention Center. (more…)

Wedding on Film

Ever since I have been recently struck with a burst of a new found love for film photography, it was only a matter of time when this new flame of mine will be tested on a real gig. Finally the day has arrived and I had carefully packed world’s most advanced analog camera, an EOS-1V, with the rest of Canon gear. While the majority of work was done on digital, now and then there were moments when I felt it had to be done on film.

During the wedding day of a stunningly beautiful Ekaterina and ever elegant Raphael, I have exposed no more than two rolls of film. Not even all of 72 frames were used, when light levels sank bellow un-pushed Kodak Tri-X abilities, yet almost every single frame was a keeper. The results were worth the effort, when a cinematic, French movie of the 60s like, story unfolded on the light table. Now, if only we Europeans would be blessed with an availability of a professional photo lab, like the LA’s Richard Photo Lab or Indie Film Lab, so that we could add some color to the film solution.

WeddingOnFilm-005WeddingOnFilm-004 (more…)

Wedding Editorial on the Lake


Here I present you with a couple of snaps from a brief editorial type wedding themed photo shoot. Lovely young models Tina and Martin took the parts and enriched them with an admirable depth of character. The location was an ever breathtaking and inspiring Lake Bled in Slovenia. It all happened on the eve, just prior to the start, of the rowing world championships.

Wedding_Editorial-006 (more…)