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Rare are creatures that stir our imagination in such a profound way as do the dinosaurs. Those giant ancestors of today’s birds roamed the surface of our planet for more than 160 million years. Existence lasting ages, it seems, by itself doesn’t guarantee an eternity. Just as the dinosaurs went extinct some 65 million years ago, one distant (or not so distant) moment in the future our own kind will join them in the universal conscience as the ones that were, but are not no more. However, an absurd idea of interaction between the present and the future cosmic “has-beens” was ever present motive in our society, especially since the 1993 launch of the Steven Spielberg movie Jurassic park. (more…)


Piran (Pirano in Italian), a jewel on the Slovenian coast, is one of those places that you start to miss at the very moment of departure from its shores. Once a part of the mighty Venetian republic, nowadays is predominately known as a tourist destination. And what a destination it is, with its high rising bell tower of the Church of Saint George above and its narrow medieval streets. A descent from the third level of protective fortification walls is quite a walk and it leads you all the way to the tip of the narrow cape with a lighthouse at its end. (more…)