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Lovers’ Reunion


A young girl with flowers in her hair. A boy with a blue suitcase … or was it hers? Precious moments of love ablaze amidst the blooming flowers in London’s Hyde Park.

© 2015 The Unpublished Journal by Peter Mlekuž, All Rights Reserved

True Colors

Autumnal colors

It might be the same in our lives as it is in nature. When autumn arrives and everything blushes in the warmth of the spectrum, the fruits of our existence can no longer stay hidden. Long past is the naiveté and freshness of our early steps. Even days of pretending or blending-in won’t appeal to us anymore. Only true colors and they are revealed just before they fade away forever.

© 2014 The Unpublished Journal by Peter Mlekuž, All Rights Reserved

Vengeance of Anteros

Greek god Anteros, the avenger of unrequited love, is doing his thing since 1893 on top of the Shaftesbury Memorial fountain, now placed on the side of the always crowded Piccadilly Circus in London’s West End, a part of the Westminster City.

© 2014 The Unpublished Journal by Peter Mlekuž, All Rights Reserved


The White Tower

The Tower of London

Boat on a river Thames is passing the Tower of London, with the most recognizable view of the 11th century built White Tower, once a symbol of oppression. The Tower of London is now a protected World Heritage Site and also the home of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom.

© 2014 The Unpublished Journal by Peter Mlekuž, All Rights Reserved

The Trial

As a photographer, spot news is something that I rarely cover, but now and then you simply feel the historical or pivotal significance of a particular event and you know that you have to be there and see for yourself what kind of truth is being served to the public these days.

National flag of Slovenia is being waved in front of the District Court in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

On the 5th of June the District Court in Ljubljana sentenced former Slovenian Prime Minister and opposition leader, Janez Janša, together with two other individuals, to prison sentences on corruption charges in what it was a highly controversial Kafkaesque trial that lasted three years. According to relevant legal experts, the case should have been dropped for the complete lack of evidence against Janša, presented by the prosecutor Andrej Ferlinc, a pattern of coincidences on the other hand also points out to the likely political motives behind the courts decision.


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